The Customer Challenge

You only need to stop in the middle of any busy street, and take a look around you. And I can tell you right now what you will see, no matter what street corner you’re standing on, from New York to Sydney, Longreach to Adelaide, Singapore to Shanghai and in any other city in the world.

It's people using their mobile devices wherever they are, crossing the street on the way to work, grabbing their coffee, getting on the bus, on the train, in the lift, in the pub, in the restaurant, they are chatting to their friends, looking at the latest online deals and offers and they all expect today to stay "always connected" whenever and wherever they are.

But as a business owner, how do you capture a piece of this "always connected" trend, how do you get your customers to look up long enough from their screen to engage with you and what your business has to offer? How are you going to be relevant to them and be on their mobile screen, rather than your competitors?

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The Solution

The Solution is to make it as easy as possible, and as simple as possible for your customers to seamlessly engage with you.

  • Onboard - Simple for customers to onboard through Social Media or a quick form so you can easily increase your social engagement, generating Likes, Follows and Sharing.
  • Engage - Get to understand your customer better, and create meaningful messages targetted to their demographics and behaviour.
  • Understand - Gain useful insights into your customers, such as age, gender, browsing habits, location and much more.

GoCloudWiFi can deliver the solution, and in some cases, in as little as 60 minutes we can have your business Portable WiFi Hotspot up and running live and delivering results. But it doesn’t stop there, with the data that GoCloudWifi delivers back, you have the information on hand and you are ready to offer your customers personalised and real time communications and offers.

You now have that virtual handshake with your customer through their device, you finally have their eye contact, interest and attention and you’re ready to provide an outstanding and personal customer experience.

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The Benefits

Now to increase the traffic flow at your venue through your customer friendly GoCloudWiFi solution and see the benefits flow.

Our clients now use WiFi marketing in numerous creative ways to add value to a product or service and deliver an enhanced customer experience. You can market to your customers in real-time and from the moment they enter your premises, as they move around and when they stop in one place. You can tailor individual messages based on your customer’s demographics so you are only providing information relevant to them.

Perhaps you’d like to reward customer loyalty with personalised real-time coupons? If you’re aware that occasional long queues cause frustration, you may like to recognise this, and offer a reward for the wait. Would your customers benefit from wayfinding, showing the best possible route to their desired destination within your venue? These are just some of the many options you have with your GoCloudWiFi Solution, want to know more, then, browse through our Solutions section, or reach out to us directly and we will be more than happy to assist with your requirements.

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About Us

GoCloudWifi is a secure, legally compliant, public Wi-Fi that delivers real-time customer analytics and marketing tools that enhances customer experience while allowing you to upsell services.

Your customers can login for free and with ease using their existing social media accounts or by a short form on your own fully customized and branded splash screen.  Once logged in, you will have access to detailed information about your customers, such as age, gender, dwell time and how they interact with your brand and business.

Armed with this customer information, you can now target relevant marketing campaigns and send personalized offers and vouchers – reward your loyal customers with freebies, encourage a next visit with special discounts, increase your social network presence with promos, make customers feel special on important occasions, generate excitement with exclusive offers and much more.

You can also generate new revenue streams by offering a range of sponsorship packages for your WiFi and splash pages at less busy times to your suppliers or other 3rd party advertisers.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Eager to learn more?  Call us at 1800 883 945

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